29 Juli 2011

Kim Soo Hyun♥

Hai i wanna tell you about my new idol :)))

his name Kim Soo Hyun as know as Song Sam Dong in Korean Drama "Dream High" . He is cool,cute,handsome,talented and smart. i'm crazy about him and i really love him(Kim Soo Hyun)♥i really wanna meet&greet with him! i know that's impossible and just my bigdreams but, who knows?anything is possible right?! Dream it,believe it,feel it and make it real!!! i hope my dream come true and i can meet&greet with him, no matter how the way i just wanna make dream come true. i hope someday it can be real! AMIN ehehe and i wanna take some picture with him. AMIN

oke see you
♥ maybe next time i'll share some photos about Kim Soo Hyun. just wait it guys